Care and handeling


How to take care of sunflowers?

Cut the stem diagonally with a sharp knife and put them in a little warm water. 

Add Interflora flower food to the hot water. That will keep the water free of bacteria. 

Since sunflowers are big drinkers, you should fill the vase a bit every day, instead of filling up the vase. .

! Use warm water when you first put them in the water. 



 How to take care of peonies?

Cut the stem of the peonie diagonally with a sharp knife and put them in warm water.

Add Interflora flower food to the water. That will keep the water free of bacteria. 

Change the water on a regular base and cut each time several centimeters of the stem.

! Make sure there is no leaf in the water. That gives bad nutrition to the flower. 



 How to take care of Gladiolus?

Use the glass Nobels vase from Interflora. 

A vase of pottery or stone is less recommended because bacterias are hiding in the pores of the vase. 

These bacterias clog the vascular bundles in the stem of the flower so that the gladiolus can drink less and will faint. 

Cut the stem diagonally with a sharp knife and remove the leaves, so the gladiolus can absorb more water. 

! Do not place the vase with gladiolus in direct sunlight of near ripening fruit. 



 How to take care of Chrysanthemums?

Those who think of Chrysanthemums often think of an old-fashioned bunch of flowers. However Chrysanthemums are versatile flowers that can get all the colors of the rainbow except blue. You can use them as a terrace plant or as a cut flower in a bouquet.
If you have of want to buy them as a terrace plant, you will notice that they are very easy to maintain. With a minimum of care, they bloom for about 2 months.

Do you have a bouquet filled with Chrysanthemums? Then use the following advice:

- Take a clean vase with clean water

- Cut the stems with a sharp knife

- Remove the leaves that will hang in the water

- Add the cut flower nutrition

- Fill the vase regularly with water and replace the water after 5 days.

- Do not put the flowers in full sun


How to water your plants when you're on holiday? Part 1 

Step 1:
Order a bouquet of flowers and also choose a bottle of wine. 
Or make sure someone is buying you flowers with wine. 
Stap 2:
First, drink the bottle of wine. Do not throw away the cork, you will need it later. 
Step 3:
Clean the bottle and fill it with clear water. 
! Take care no soap residue remains in the bottle. 



Step 4:
Take back the cork and make 2 holes with a screw. 
Make sure the holes go through the entire cork. 
Step 5:
Put the cork back into the bottle that has just been filled with clean water. 
It is best that 1 to 2 cm of the cork is coming out of the bottle. 
Step 6:
Insert the bottle upside down in the plant. 
Now the water can gently seep into the plant and you can leave on vacation, without disturbing your neighbors. 

How to water your plants when you're on holiday? Part 2 

Step 1:
Take the pot and fill it with water. 
You can also add flower food to the water. 
Step 2:
Take a long piece of rope or cotton. Make sure the rope is long enough to touch the bottom of the pot. You have to pout the other end of the rope in the flower pot at the base of the plant. 
Make sure that this construction is not in direct sunlight. This prevents the rope from drying out before the plant has water. 
Step 3: 
Make sure the pot with water is higher than the flower. 
If the pot is still lower, put a book or a block below it. This allows the water to trickle down along the rope.