1. choose the subscription format that suits your wishes

Do you want a bouquet or flower arrangement delivered weekly, 2-weekly or monthly? The period is specified in the title.


2. the delivery dates

The first date that you specify is the day on which the first delivery will take place.
Normally every other delivery follows on the same date.

For example: You order a monthly flower subscription and the date of the first delivery is 12 March. The following deliveries will then always take place on the 12th of the following month.

! Would you like the deliveries to take place on a specific day of the week (for example, Thursday)? Please note this in the comments.


3. The first delivery

The florist deliver the first time on the requested date. He introduces himself and reports that you have received a flower subscription.
At this moment the recipient can pass on his wishes for the bouquet.

For example: The recipient does not like orange flowers? Then he can pass this on to the florist.

The florist also leaves his details. If the planned delivery date cannot go ahead, you can also inform the florist.


4. confirmation

You will receive a confirmation message with everydelivery. 

If you have any questions you can always contact the office.


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